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The Sold. Blog

We think about selling 24/7 so you don't have to. If you want to stay up on all our thoughts and musings, this is the place. Enjoy!

September 23, 2013

Introducing Sold for Android

Yes, folks, it’s happening! We have officially launched Sold. for Android. We always wanted Android to be a part of family, and after reading all your emails, Tweets, etc. we knew it was time to make it happen.

And the best part is that Sold for Android comes with all the awesome new features of Sold. 2.0:

  • Now twice as fast (post-to-payment in as little as 4 days)
  • 1 hour sale for popular items
  • Now accepting items with market value of $50 and up

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Now get to selling, Android friends!

August 27, 2013

Scalability Through Event and Session Tracking With Angler.js

At Sold., a core part of our work funnel includes pricing items before we sell them. Although most prices are determined through our integrated pricing algorithms, we still require human eyes to assure quality pricing and user interaction. Until recently, we could only make rough estimates at what was working and what wasn't in this process. That's where Angler.js comes in.

Built with scalability in mind, Angler provides us with the data necessary to see what we can improve. Angler records timestamps marking the beginning and end of each block of user activity within a page, while storing them within the context of the last event triggered by the user. Events are essentially interactions with elements on a page, and Angler can be set to record either all page events, or exclusively tagged events.

August 21, 2013

Sold 2.0 - Get paid faster, easier, more

When Sold. launched 4 months ago, we introduced a service that greatly reduced the burden of selling. From day one, our users have experienced the joy of hassle free selling. But like all good perfectionists, we knew we couldn't stop there. We continue to see areas for great improvement. The best way to find what needs improvement? Listen to the users, of course. And we have. Both those who love Sold, and those who didn't quite love it so much.

But seriously, we want to make Sold. something just about everyone loves. Something they share with their friends. So, we took everyone’s feedback and began improving the service from beginning to end. Top to bottom. Head to toe. Ok, we’ll stop with the idioms.

To make Sold even better, we're introducing changes to three three main areas of the product: ease of use, speed, and payouts. And today, we’re proud to announce the release of Sold. 2.0.

August 6, 2013

In 2 Minutes - From Zero To elasticsearch With Mongoose

I probably don't need to elaborate much on the importance of search. Even if you know the structure of your data, the power of being able to type a simple term and find all pieces of data related to it is truly magical.

At Sold, search has dramatically increased our productivity. We use it for both user-facing and admin-facing roles. For customers posting an item to sell, we provide fuzzy autocomplete and search. For customer service, we are able to find and resolve issues within seconds due to the ease of finding all data related to anything the customer provides us.

Our stack mainly consists of node.js and MongoDB, and we use mongoose to model our data.

We developed an npm module called elmongo that allows us to easily integrate Elasticsearch with our mongoose data, giving us the full power of highly available, distributed search.

Here's how to go from zero to search in just a couple minutes:

July 3, 2013

Sell your neglected goods. Get cash. Live your wildest dreams.

The beauty of selling with Sold. is that it's kind of like free money. Sure, you paid for that item at some point, but chances are, you weren't thinking about getting any of that money back.

Now, what you do with the money is up to you. But, considering the point above, you might as well spend it on something awesome. Like, living your wildest dreams.

Check out these videos we made to offer up some ideas on what some extra cash could be spent on. And feel free to share with friends, or leave a comment below if you ideas on what you would spend the money on. Maybe we'll make a video out of it.

May 14, 2013

How to create an effective promo video

There's a million ways to cook up a delicious startup video. But just like any meal, you need a good recipe. This 12-step guide will hopefully help you decide what your audience should feast (their eyes) on.

Before we begin, let's talk dollars. The beauty of being a startup is having the ability to do whatever you think is right. The beast of being a startup is that you don't have the money to do what's right. But we feel as you long as you spend your money the right way, have a good idea, and work really super-freaking hard, you can make something that looks like you paid more for it than you did. Good thing to note, people are very willing to help startups, which can turn a dime into 15 dollars.

Now, if you’re ambitious and want to show the world your product with a well thought-out, well-crafted video, here are a few steps to follow. Watch our promo video for reference.

May 7, 2013

Selling used to suck

As we began to build our service, we encountered a lot of heated conversation around the pains of selling. Instead of just letting our growing list of articles sit, we thought some of you might enjoy reading a few horror stories.

So, we put together a site where you can read them, and even share your own. Of course we had to give it a very insightful name:

April 15, 2013

What can we sell for you?

We get this question all the time. When it comes to offering you a price, we take many things into consideration. From determining the market value, to finding the buyer, to offering the right price that makes it worth your time.

But instead of getting into the nitty gritty (more on that later) watch this video and check out the list below to get a sense of some of the things we know we can sell for you.

And if you’re still not sure, just post higher value items that fit into one of our 3 free shipping boxes. It’s free to try.

ACCEPTED ITEMS (your price may vary)

Big Jambox


Filson Duffle


MacBook Air


Chanel Shades


5D Mark ii




iPad Mini 64GB


Droid Incredible



Used Sneakers

Generic Purse

Dead Macbook

Old Cellphone

April 11, 2013

Introducing Sold.

One can hardly spend ten minutes online without hearing a new complaint about marketplaces. “I don’t have time for eBay.” “Craigslist is sketchy!” We’ve heard it all and seen a number of attempts at solving this dilemma. But the issue is not that eBay and Craigslist are broken, it’s that they’re not one size fits all. That’s why we believe the solution isn’t creating a new marketplace, it’s solving an overlooked problem: the selling experience.

Think about it. Buying online gets all the attention. And it continues to get better. So, why is it still difficult to sell online? We believe it's because people are trying to create solutions that look great, instead of feel great. The only way to create a truly new solution is to start from the ground up.

Which brings us to Sold. (available on the App Store) - the new service that sells so you don’t have to. Through smart pricing analytics, a refined user experience, and genuine customer service, we’re reimagining the way people sell online - by taking the burden completely off their shoulders.

But why do people need someone to sell for them when they can just do it themselves? We know that affluent consumers have far less free time on their hands (138 hours of leisure time per year less than the average American), and they’re spending much of that precious time driving the growth in online retail spending (from $200b in 2011 up to a projected $327b by 2016). With buying being so much easier than selling, these consumers are storing instead of selling (US self storage rentals have increased by 65% since 1995). Not to mention the more than $30B sitting in the growing closets and drawers nationwide.

So, for the people in need of a service that sells for them, how do we fit into their busy schedules? Well, while they go on about their lives, we will:

  • Price their item
  • Find and negotiate with buyers
  • Handle shipping
  • Protect them from fraud
  • Never charge additional fees
  • Securely deposit funds into their bank account

It’s all about simplicity. Which is what our three co-founders, Matt Blackshaw, Tony DeVincenzi, and Dávid Lakatos learned after sleepless nights studying the idiosyncrasies of marketplaces at the MIT Media Lab, followed by endless rounds of user research. What it comes down to is people aren’t looking for an easier way to sell online, they want someone to do it for them.

That’s why we raised seed funding from Google Ventures, Greylock Partners, Matrix Partners, Boston Seed Capital, Dharmesh Shah, Greg Kidd, Matt Ocko, Eric Chen, and Anil Dharni. Then assembled a team inspired by the intersection between technology and culture. Together, we are an unconventional mix of scientists, engineers, writers, and designers in downtown Boston trying to solve a problem for all the busy people out there.

At the moment we are accommodating higher value items that fit into one of our three free shipping boxes, and are serving US-based customers only. But rest assured, we are working to expand.

Download the app and go find all your hidden treasures. If you need a little more convincing, watch the film below and see how easy it is to get money for things you don’t need anymore.

- The Team at Sold.